Prof. Azim Sharrif

Azim F. Shariff

Associate  Professor

Department of Psychology and Social Behavior

University of California Irvine

Phone: 541.222.9354        Email:    URL:


Select  Appointments and  Education

2017               Associate Professor of Psychology & Social Behavior. Universityof California, Irvine.

2010-2016     Assistant Professor of Psychology. University ofOregon.

2012               VisitingAssistant Professor. New York University, Abu Dhabi.

2004-2010     Ph.D,M.A.  Psychology.  University of  British Columbia.

1999-2004     B.Sc.  Psychology.  University ofToronto.



Select Honors,Awards and Scholarships


2015     Rising Star - Association for Psychological Science 

2014     Rippey Award for Innovative Teaching - University of Oregon   

2014    Michael Posner Faculty Award - University of Oregon

2013    Big Questions in Free Will Essay Prize (for    Shariff    &    Vohs,    2014)   

2012    Margaret Gorman Early Career Award- APA Division 36 

2011    Excellence in Research Dissertation Award-Canadian Psychological Association



Select Journal Publications 

Shariff, A .Rahwan, I., Bonnefon,J.F.(in    press).Psychological roadblocks to  the    adoption of self-driving cars. Nature Human Behavior.


Bonnefon, J.F, Shariff,  A .F.,    & Rahwan, I. (2016). The Social Dilemma of  Autonomous Vehicles.  Science,  352    (6293). 1573-1576


Shariff,A . F. (2015).Does Religion Increase Moral Behavior?    Current Opinion in Psychology,6,108-113.


Shariff,A . F. ,Willard,A.K., Andersen, T.    & Norenzayan, A.(2015). Religious Priming:A meta-analysis with a focus on religious    prosociality. Personality and Social  Psychology Review.


Shariff, A.F. ,Piazza,J.,&    Kramer, S.R. (2014).Morality and the Religious Mind: Why theists and nontheists    differ.  Trends in Cognitive Science, 18(9),439-441.


Shariff, A.F. ,Greene, J.D.,    Karremans,J.C., Luguri,J., Clark,C. J.,Schooler, J.W., Baumeister,R.F. & Vohs,K.D.    (2014).Free Will and Punishment: A Mechanistic View of Human  Nature Reduces    Retribution.Psychological Science, 25(8), 1563-1570.


Gervais,W. M.,Shariff, A.F. &    Norenzayan, A. (2011).Do You Believe in  Atheists?Trust and anti-atheist    prejudice. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 101,1189-1206


Shariff,A.F. (2011).    Big  Gods  Are Made For Big Groups: Commentary onMurray & Schloss.Religion,    Brain & Behavior,1,89-93.


Shariff,A.F. ,& Norenzayan,A.(2011).Mean Gods Make    Good People.International Journal for the Psychology of Religion,21, 85–96. 


Norenzayan, A.& Shariff, A.F. (2008)The Origin and Evolution of Religious    Prosociality. Science,322(5898),58-62.


Shariff, A.F. , & Norenzayan, A. (2007).God is watching you: Supernatural agent concepts increase prosocial behavior in an anonymous    economic game.Psychological Science,18, 803-809.       


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