Address: Secretary, WHO ERC, Ethics and Social Determinants Department, World Health Organization, Avenue Appia, Geneva 1211, Switzerland
Phone : +41 (0) 227912406
Email: saxenaa@who.int

All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India – Senior Residency Anesthesiology (1983-1986)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India – MD Anesthesiology (1980- 1982)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, India – M.B.B.S. (1973 – 1978)

Staff scientist/Secretary, Research Ethics Review Committee (ERC), WHO, Switzerland (2002 – current)
I joined as the staff scientist to the WHO Research Ethics Review Committee (WHO ERC) and am currently its

Secretary. My responsibilities include
(a) coordinating and managing the activities of the Committee, providing technical and administrative support to the Chairperson of the Committee, and ensuring that the ERC operates in an efficient, accountable and transparent manner, implementing best practices in research and research ethics. The ERC reviews about 200 new research projects each year, and provides continuing review of on-going projects.
(b) reviewing all research projects submitted to the ERC, making an independent decision on the level and type of review required, liaising with technical officers to improve the quality of the research projects, and communicate the outcome of the review with scientific accuracy; (c) providing technical inputs to the members of the ERC on ethical issues in research projects.

(d) promoting organizational learning in the area of research ethics by (i) organizing orientation seminars and training workshops for WHO staff and country investigators. These workshops involve international faculty and resource persons from within WHO (ii) developing informational materials, templates and tools, with a special emphasis on promoting the respect of individual cultures when applying ethical principles. (iii) developing common teaching and training materials for research ethics that can also be used at the country level.

During this period, I have organized several consultations that sought to establish norms and standards for the WHO ERC, developed informational materials, checklists, templates and other guidance materials in relation to research ethics for WHO staff and others http://www.who.int/rpc/research_ethics/guidelines/en/index.html , supervised the development of an interactive database management tool based on ACCESS that allows the secretariat to maintain, organize, store, search, and track records and activities, and developed a model for workshops for capacity building in the area of research ethics that has been used successfully over 10 workshops.
In partnership with the University of Geneva, and various international faculty, including faculty from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, successfully piloted an internet based training module for research ethics. Published the “Casebook on Ethical Issues in International Health Research” of which I am co-editor.

In 2011, coordinated the development of “Standards and operational guidance for ethics review of health-related research with human participants” http://www.who.int/ethics/publications/research_standards_9789241502948/en/index.html, and a global document on “Ethical issues in patient safety research” (to be published soon)
Scientist, Research Policy and Cooperation, WHO, Geneva – 2001-2002 I had overall responsibility for

(a) development of initiatives for strengthening health research activities in developing countries. My tasks included coordinating efforts to develop the conceptual framework of national health research systems that included research ethics as one of the pillars, preparation of technical reports and documents as an outcome of the initiatives in the area of health research, and be the focal point for the study group on Performance of Health Research Systems, and for the Working Party on international health research governance that was formed as a follow-up to the International Conference On Health Research For Development, Bangkok, 2000.

(b) the management of several health research projects that were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation

(c) developing the processes and procedures for the smooth transition of the Research Ethics Committee of WHO to ensure that the Committee followed best practices based on internationally accepted norms and guidelines.

During this period, I organized two international workshops on National Health Research Systems, published the Report on National Health Research Systems, organized a Roundtable conference in Arusha, Tanzania related to partnerships in health research and in collaboration with the Global Forum for Health Research, developed a global database on Medical and Health Research Councils. http://www.globalforumhealth.org/Site/002__What%20we%20do/006__Provide%20information/002__MRC%2 0database.php
Faculty member of the Department of Anesthesiology at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India – 1986 – 2000. Resigned at the level of Professor, due to family relocation. Established and was heading the Anesthesiology unit of the Regional Cancer Center affiliated to AIIMS. In addition to teaching and clinical responsibilities, I was responsible for carrying out and supervising clinical and public health research. Over these fourteen years, I managed or supervised twenty two research projects, the outcomes of which have been published mostly in indexed medical journals (see attached). Of these one was a community based public health related research project. Over this period, I supervised ten post-graduate research theses.

2. Founded and developed the pain and palliative care programme at the Regional Cancer Center, incorporating a comprehensive range of palliative care provided on an inpatient, outpatient, and domiciliary basis. I supervised a team of faculty, residents, nurses, physiotherapists and counselors. The programme had established close linkages with other international cancer centers including some WHO collaborating Centers ( MD Andersen Cancer Center, Houston, USA; Sir Michael Sobell House, UK; Regional Cancer Center, Calicut, India etc.) 3. Established a community based oncology programme, whose objective was to raise awareness about cancers and how to prevent them. I supervised a team of doctors and social workers that worked closely with community health workers.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Member of the Ethics Committee of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a WHO Center Member of the international Editorial Board of the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME)

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